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Unique property in the heart of the Hunsrück area

About 1900 the water-tower was built near the idyllic village of Dhronecken as a water reservoir and pumping station for the German Royal railway company. The village itself is located in the Hunsrück region in Rhineland-Palatinate, western Germany, at a distance of one hour by car from the French border and half an hour from Trier, the oldest city in Germany. The whole property covers about 30.000 square metres. A small creek called "Kleine Dhron" runs through it.
A railway station in the vicinity of the property - in half-timbered style and thus of historic value - has been converted into living space since the railroad line is not used anymore.

The property further provides a saloon with a tiled stove, a well and a fish pond, a stage, 2500 square metres of pasture, a horse stable with three boxes, a carport and a water provision of its own. It is connected to the local waste water system and the electric power supply.

In 1938 a small house was built next to the tower, used for the water pumps. Since 1978 the four-storeyed tower and the house have been renovated and modernized on a regular basis. Today the tower's ground floor is used as a bar in Western style. The tower is not used for living, but could easily be done up for that purpose. The house, on the other hand, contains a bedroom, a living room with a tiled stove, a small bathroom with shower and a kitchenette. Living space in the two-storeyed house comes up to 115 square metres on the ground and first floor, and additionally there are another 64 square metres under the roof. This room has its own entrance and a balcony. Floors are covered by parquet, tiles or carpets.

Heating is provided by a central gas heating system. A tiled stove is a pleasant further means of heating the living room and the bedroom.

The tower and the house are furnished, mainly with antiques from the region.

In and around Dhronecken

The water-tower is situated at the edge of a forest and on the outskirts of the historical village of Dhronecken in the Hunsrück region of Germany.
The idyllic valley of Dhronecken used to be the seat of the Wild- and Rheingrafen, a noble family who left us a small castle in the centre of the village and several buildings of historical interest, most of them built in half-timbered style. Dhronecken is said to have been the home of Hagen of Thronje, a main character of the famous Nibelungen saga.

Dhronecken is a quiet and small village in a beautiful and healthy natural surrounding, offering ample opportunity for relaxation, walks or wintersports. Facilities such as shops, museums and libraries, pubs, public baths, churches, schools and doctors are available in Thalfang, a health resort that is located within the easy distance of 3 kilometres. The next town with a hospital is Hermeskeil, in a distance of 13 kilometres. The recreational area Erbeskopf is known for its winter sports opportunities and is located only 3 kilometres from Dhronecken.
Furthermore, there are several connections to highway A1 which speeds your way to Trier, the oldest city in Germany - and certainly one of the most beautiful ones, in a distance of 35 kilometres from Dhronecken.

The environs of Dhronecken

The river Mosel and its excellent wine culture, Trier and its world-famous roman traces, Idar-Oberstein and the romantic Bernkastel-Kues - all these attractions are not far from Dhronecken - half an hour by car will be enough to reach one of them.
Dhronecken's quiet and idyllic situation in a valley surrounded by forests and run through by several wild creeks, the incomparable natural beauty of the Hunsrück region, comfortable connection to highways, tourist attractions and other facilities of civilization, excellent quality of water and air let it seem predestined for further touristic development.
The property would be an ideal place for a restaurant or a tourist café, as a destination of an outing, a place for events (Western festivals, concerts, weddings etc.), a camping ground or a horse farm. The buildings on site can easily be converted into living space or can already be used as such.

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